Paymes is a shopping system that lets you sell your products or make secure purchases via messaging apps easily as if texting a friend.

It is a financial technology development company providing commercial services via social networks, aiming to help the user enter the e-commerce faster and easier.

Membership and product listing are free in Paymes.

You don't need to have/be a company to receive payments via Paymes. You can receive payments in a few seconds using your personal info.

Without a website, you can receive payments on any platform you want using the payments links you will create via Paym.es.

Paymes gets a commission between 2,5% to 6% of the products you sold.

For instance, for a user with over 20,000 TL of weekly turnover; the buyer is responsible for approving in 24 hours once the product is delivered 'without any problems'. After 24 hours, the approval is completed automatically.Upon the approval, 96,01% of the price is sent to the user account from the joint pool account, and 3,99% is sent to the Paym.es account.

Commissions may vary between 2,5% to 6% depending on the users' turnover and/or physical sales.

You can receive payments in Dollar or Euro anywhere around the world via Paym.es using a debit or credit card (with/without installments).

A commission of 6% up to 10,000 TL weekly, 4,99% up to 20,000 TL weekly, and 3,99% for sales over 20,000 TL weekly is collected.

Establishing face to face function For payments, 2.50% commission is taken for institutions and 2.99% for individuals. This feature The manufacturer should be the buyer and the seller next to each other.

You can receive payments in Dollar or Euro from anywhere in the world.

You can get further information about the Etsy integration by visiting our "How It Works"page right away.

Unfortunately, this is something we cannot answer. Because you don't need any documents to receive payments via Paymes. Maybe you should check out the websites of our rivals :(

With Paymes Face to Face Sales process, when the seller and the buyer are together, you can receive payment via bank or credit cards just by talking thanks to Paymes, without any devices or POS, boring forms or long approval processes, without downloading any apps.

All you need is to click the 'Face to Face Sales' button in Paymes and ensure that the payment link is sent to the buyer's phone number while talking.

To register to Paymes, you don't need a website, company, long and boring forms, to deal with approval processes or different applications. Once you start using Paymes with Facebook Messenger, an account will automatically be created for you. Moreover, if you want to use the web version, all you need is to enter your phone number on web.paym.es.

For all currencies, the sales of your sales until 23.50 on Wednesday are sent to the IBAN account on the system every week on Thursday.

You can receive payments via Paymes anywhere thanks to its structure independent from any channel.

You can contact us via our call center by calling 0850 885 03 16, our e-mail address info@paym.es and our WhatsApp support line on 0532 015 59 30

All transactions conducted via paym.es Elektronik Ticaret ve Bilişim Teknolojileri A.Ş. are conducted under the law No. 6493 on Payment and Security Concord Systems, Payment Services and Electronic Money Institutions. Paymes is in a business partnership with PayU Payment Services, a registered payment system provider of the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency.

You can use paym.es in all devices with internet connection such as laptops and mobile phones.