About Us

Paymes Elektronik Ticaret ve Bilişim Teknolojileri A.Ş. is financial technology development company providing commercial services via social networks, aiming to help the user enter the e-commerce faster, easier and safer.

By our company mission, we allow anyone regardless of age, the device needs, language, and location to receive payments via social media in seconds.

With our teams and business partners in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, and the USA, we continue our works to provide solutions to our customer by analyzing both their and the target market's needs and to duly represent our country in the foreign markets.

We continuously improve our proper product and honest marketing policy with the user feedback and the market dynamics, and implement the best policies in every market.

We always guarantee our users that there never will be an invisible transaction and difference fee.

As of 2017

  • We respectively took our place in Startup Chile, an acceleration program supported by the Chile government.
  • In StartershubXO acceleration program conducted by MV Holding, Gedik Yatırım and stakeholders.
  • We represented Turkey as the best enterprise of 2017 in Seedstars, one of the leading entrepreneurship contests of the world.
  • We were chosen as one of the best 50 companies in Europe in the Slush, the greatest entrepreneurship contest in Europe.
  • We have been serving more than 250,000 Turkish users, helping them to securely receive payments from abroad and contributing to the country economy.

Corporate Culture

  • We don't believe that numbers are a performance indicator, our highest performance criterion is our customers' and team's satisfaction and happiness.
  • All different ideas are discussed in Paymes, and the decisions are made collectively. When making a decision, not titles but ideas are given importance.
  • Believing that making mistakes is the best teacher, we learn from our mistakes in our company and share it with our friends.
  • We share every gain, including what we learn, with our customers, hold Social Commerce Event to help our customers to acquaint themselves with commerce not only via social networks but all areas as well, and we provide free training. We are not working just to increase their sales, but also to grow together with our customers.
  • Every single person in Paymes, regardless of their title, represents Paymes.
  • Our mission is to always work with the best in the field.
  • People with no dream, ideals or passion has no place in our team.
  • As a team, we follow and keep up with everything sectoral around the world or anything that concerns us.

Our Investors